Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[Product Release] The Secret of Ronan Skerry

From Brave Halfling Publishing:

Castles & Crusades
The Secret of Ronan Skerry

by Michael Davis

An adventure for 4-6 players of levels 1-3

The town of Port Vogey is in distress. For several weeks, no ships have come into port, and no one knows why. Now the new moon has passed and the lighthouse keepers, the monks of the Sea Goddess, have missed their monthly trip into Vogey for supplies. The town council are not sure whether this is due to mishap or foul play, but you have heard they are looking for some eager adventurers to investigate.

This 32-page digest-sized module includes four new monsters, four maps (two are 3-d and one is a wilderness/area map), three original pieces of art and a monster reference sheet.

This module is available in Print, including a PDF of the module, for $6.99 (plus $1 shipping to the United States, $2 shipping to Canada, and $3 shipping to World-Wide)

The PDF-only version of this module is available for $5.00 on the Brave Halfling Publishing site.


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