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[Blogosphere] Greg "Svenny" Svenson

From Sham's Grog 'n Blog:

Sham interviews Greg "Svenny" Svenson, one of the first players in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign.

With Dave Arneson's recent passing, our hobby lost one of the most important links to its earliest, formative days. Arneson & Gygax will be forever remembered as the coauthors and founders of Dungeons & Dragons, but there is so much more to Mr. Arneson that we were never truly allowed to learn while growing up in the 70s, 80s and beyond while playing the game that his Blackmoor campaign spawned. I've read with wonder the stories that Greg “Svenny” Svenson shared with readers at his website before it was taken down*. As a player in the original Blackmoor campaign, Greg is one of only a handful of gamers who were present to witness the fledgling game sessions which eventually gave rise to the entire table top role-playing genre (and beyond).

I believe that remembering the magnitude of Dave Arneson's concept, and his Blackmoor campaign, is perhaps more timely now than ever before. As someone who is interested in the influences and inspirations that went into Mr. Arneson's Blackmoor campaign, I felt that being able to pose some questions to the Great Svenny himself might be an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I wasn't sure that my random email to his site's address would even be answered, let alone read considering that it was sent not long after Dave Arneson's passing. I had no idea that Greg had attended Dave's funeral, nor that he had delivered the eulogy. I was wary about pursuing this Q&A considering the nature of its less than appropriate timing, but Greg assured me that he would be happy to take a look at what I had drafted up and let me know what he thought of the idea...

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Friday, May 29, 2009

[AGN] Dear Readers...

The Adventure Game News blog has been up for a week now, and barring one bit of spam that was quickly toasted, not one of you has posted a reply...

Please do feel free to post replies on any and all of the news posts! Post your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in dealing with the products or events detailed. All I ask is that you be fair; speak of that of which you know, rather than knee-jerk contrary reactions or visceral vituperation — there are plenty of other venues for such posts.

And too, as always, if you feel there is a product or event I have missed that needs some coverage, or something you would like to see covered in more depth (an interview or review), let me know!

[Product Release] Field of Glory Celts and Romans

From Wargames Factory:

Field of Glory
Celtic Cavalry

Charge of the Celtic Horse!

Inside the pack are 11 sprues - enough to create 12 cavalry figures with options for both light and heavy (chainmail armored) cavalry. Figures are multi-part hard plastic with separate heads, arms, shields, weapons, and saddles for maximum customization.

6 rider/equipment sprues
4 horse sprues (3 horses/sprue)
1 "bonus" sprue with extra heads (16) and shields (11)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
#FG003, $19.95 MSRP

Field of Glory
Roman Cavalry

This is a special pre-release version of the Field of Glory Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry set! (Packaging hasn't been finalized)

You get 12 horses and riders in the set with options to create: Decurion, standard bearer, musician, troopers with javelins, spathas (longswords), or long spears. Extra options include javelin bags!

Set includes 12 horses (6 unique halves, 4 unique heads), Decurion head, face-mask helmet, 3 trooper helmet heads, javelins, spathas, spears, oval shields, javelin bags, standard, tuba (short horn), and 3 unique body poses!

#FG005, $19.95 MSRP

[Product Release] Paranoia, Traveller B5

From Mongoose Publishing:

Paranoia: War on [Insert Noun]
By Gareth Hanrahan

The Computer, in its gracious wisdom, has decided that the citizens of Alpha Complex are at their mandatory happiest when terrified! A new wave of threats is sweeping Alpha Complex, and the Troubleshooters will have their work cut out for them in battling these dangers. War on Commies! War on Mutants! War on Poorly Serviced Food Vats!

Series: Paranoia
Price: $9.95
Format: Softcover (32 pages)
Ref: MGP6654
ISBN 978-1-905850-60-0

Traveller: Warships of Babylon 5
By Bryan Steele

From the humble Hermes to the mighty Victory-class advanced destroyer, this book features many of the ships found in the Babylon 5 universe, provides all the rules you need to use them in Traveller and features extensive deck plans for all of them! Whether you need a small frigate for players to crew or a terrifying Sharlin warcruiser for them to escape from, everything you need to ply the space lanes of the Babylon 5 universe can be found here.

Series: Babylon 5
Price: $29.95
Format: Softback (186 pages)
Ref: MGP3813

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Product Release] The Lost Keys of Solitude

From Expeditious Retreat Press:

Advanced Adventures #10
The Lost Keys of Solitude

An OSRIC module
Designed for 6-8 Adventurers of Levels 6-10
By Joseph Browning & Suzi Yee

While traveling through the foothills of the Garvain Mountains, your party found refuge for the night in a hermit's cave. In the morning, you wake to find the hermit and all his possessions gone, all except for two golden tiles: one embossed with the image of a bull with his hrons down and ready to charge, the other a tiger poised and ready to pounce. When the tiles are placed next to each other so that the bull and tiger face one another, the embossed images move, fusing the two pieces into one. The newly created image is the bull and tiger locked in combat. The fused piece is easily separated, and when separated, the images of the bull and tiger return to normal. Beside the two golden tiles lies a crudely-drawn map of the area with a path marked through valleys and passes ending at an "X" labeled "Solitude."

What terrors or treasure could be found in Solitude?

The PDF is available now; the print version will be available in June.

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[Product Release] Panzer Grenadier Cassino '44

From Avalanche Press:

Panzer Grenadier Cassino '44:
Gateway to Rome

Sitting astride the highway to Rome, the historic abbey of Monte Cassino — founded in 524 AD by St. Benedict himself — dominated the surrounding landscape from its strategic hilltop. German paratroopers did not initially occupy the venerable site, but after American bombers destroyed the buildings they turned the rubble into a nearly impregnable fortress. Between January and May 1944, American, Polish, Indian, New Zealand and British troops launched four major attacks on the position, and many minor ones. Three times the Germans drove them back, until finally on 18 May 1944 a troop of Polish Lancers raised their red-and-white pennant over the ruins. Over 50,000 Allied soldiers and more than 20,000 Germans fell in the struggle for Monte Cassino.

The battles took place in the flat, muddy plains of Liri Valley and the steep mountain slopes of Monte Cassino, often in unpredictable winter weather. The Rapido River running around the base of Monte Cassino was only about 16 meters wide, but was up to 4 meters deep and flowed very fast, presenting a major obstacle. Cassino '44 is a complete boxed game in the Panzer Grenadier series by David Murray, covering all four of the battles. From the initial American assaults through the final Polish conquest, every stage of the battle is depicted in scenario form with two lengthy campaign games covering the entire affair.

The map is an original work, also by designer David Murray, and accurately models the terrain of Cassino and the surrounding area. Dave worked from satellite and topographical maps to craft a game map that's extraordinarily accurate as well as attractive. Terrain has been adjusted to fit the grid of hexagons, but all the named locations from battle reports are present and the map sets a new standard for the Panzer Grenadier series.

Forces involved include the tough American 36th "Texas" Division, the 4th and 8th Indian Divisions including Gurkha battalions, the 2nd New Zealand Division with its brigade of Sherman tanks and elite Maori Battalion, and the hard-fighting exiles of the Polish II Corps. A trained bear named Wojtek lugged artillery shells to the Polish guns — even the animal kingdom fought the Nazis. On the German side, the 1st Parachute Division was probably the best formation the Axis put into the field in World War II, and it's assisted by the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division and other formations.

Panzer Grenadier Cassino '44: Gateway to Rome
Avalanche Press #0315
Time: 30 minutes to many hours
# of Players: Two
Scale: 200 meters per hex, units are platoons
Playing Pieces: 1,155
Playing Board: Four 34" x 22" maps
Rules: 16 page rulebook, 30 scenarios
Difficulty Level: 2 of 5 (Fairly Easy)
Solitaire Play: Excellent
Price: $99.99
Status: Available NOW!

[Upcoming Product] Balance of Power

From Catalyst Game Labs:

Balance of Power

Catalyst Game Labs will enter the board game market this summer with Balance of Power. Originally pitched to Catalyst Game Labs at the New York Toy Fair by Brent and Brian Knudson (the game and graphic designers for the project), come to find out they’re both local to Catalyst in the Seattle, WA area. Catalyst immediately fell in love with the game and moved to fully develop it and get it into the hands of players.

It is 1815 and the world has been turned upside down. Napoleon Bonaparte has finally been defeated after nearly conquering all of Europe through years of devastating warfare. Now the Great Powers must deal with the chaos left behind. As each nation eagerly tries to grow, a careful balance of governmental, military and economic interests must be maintained.

In Balance of Power players carefully create and move Kings, Generals and Bankers as they capture territories and expand their empires. A player’s kill and strategy are all that stand between him and ultimate victory!

Balance of Power brings all the best of the German boardgame-style rules: simple, quick and easy to learn and remember. And like those same award winning games, the depth of strategy and game play is immense.

Balance of Power will include a rules booklet (translated into three additional languages), six reference cards, a scoring track and empire tokens, 270 colored wooden playing pieces, as well as a gorgeous, high quality gameboard.

[Upcoming Product] Chaos in the Old World

From Fantasy Flight Games:

Chaos in the Old World

What hope can there be for the mortal world? — Liber Malefic

In the Warhammer world, four Gods of Chaos battle for supremacy. Khorne, the Blood God, the Skulltaker, lusts for death and battle. Nurgle, the Plaguelord, the Father of Corruption, luxuriates in filth and disease.Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, the Great Conspirator, plots the fate of the universe. Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure and Pain, the Lord of Temptations, lures even the most steadfast to his six deadly seductions.

In the Chaos in the Old World board game, each player takes the role of one of the malevolent Lords of Chaos. Each god’s distinctive powers and legion of followers give the controlling player unique strengths and heretical abilities with which to corrupt and enslave the Old World. Yet, as the powers of Chaos seek domination by corruption and conquest, they must vie not only against each other, but also against the desperate denizens of the Old World who fight to banish the gods back to the maelstrom of the Realm of Chaos… for now.

The time of woe is upon us. — Grimoire Daemonicus

Chaos in the Old World includes:
1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
45 High-quality, fully detailed plastic playing pieces
4 Threat Dials
4 Power Sheets
More than 175 Tokens
Over 125 Cards
5 Dice

Fantasy Flight GW01, $59.95

[Books] Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith


Hidden away from the rest of the galaxy is an isolated tribe of Sith descendents from ancient times. As Luke Skywalker follows the distant path of Jacen Solo — blazed when Solo sought out obscure and arcane Force knowledge — his travels stir these Sith into action. Who are they? What do they want?

Readers of the Fate of the Jedi series will soon find out much more about these Sith castaways, particularly in the pages of the second book in the nine-book series, Omen, by Christie Golden. That book does not arrive in hardcover until June 23, but Del Rey Books is making available free novellas that explore the history of these Sith.

The Lost Tribe of the Sith series is written by fan-favorite John Jackson Miller (the scribe behind the popular Knights of the Old Republic comics series from Dark Horse Comics and the Origins Award Nominated Star Wars RPG: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide from Wizards of the Coast). The first installment — available now at — is Precipice. The short story also includes an exclusive excerpt of Omen. Here's a description of the tale:

For the ruthless Sith Order, failure is not an option. It is an offense punishable by death -- and a fate to which Commander Yaru Korsin will not succumb. But on a crucial run to deliver troops and precious crystals to a combat hotspot in the Sith's war against the Republic, Korsin and the crew of the mining ship Omen are ambushed by a Jedi starfighter. And when the Sith craft crash-lands, torn and crippled, on a desolate alien planet, the hard-bitten captain finds himself at odds with desperate survivors on the brink of mutiny — and his own vengeful half brother, who's bent on seizing command.

No matter the cost, Korsin vows that it will not be his blood and bones left behind on this unknown world. For the way of the Sith leaves little room for compromise — and none for mercy.

Uncover hidden Sith lore today by downloading Precipice in PDF format. Click here or on the cover to go to the Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice page on

If you prefer your books in eBook format, there are links to and the Sony eBook Store on the Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice page.

[Upcoming Product] Pathfinder June Releases

From Paizo Publishing:

Pathfinder Chronicles
The Great Beyond — A Guide to the Multiverse

By Todd Stewart

The home of the gods. The essence of matter. The realm of demons. The birthplace of souls, and the cities of Hell. All these things and more await in the planes beyond Golarion. Brave mortals leave the cradle of their homeworld and cross the misty ethereal sea or the silver void to discover strange dimensions—some hauntingly familiar, others inherently deadly, and many alien beyond imagining.

Bargain with djinn over land rights ceded to the mephit king while fighting off roving patrols of the queen of the fire elementals. Sign treaties with the umbral dragons of Shadow Absalom. Join the archon armies on a sortie into the Abyss, or assist a cadre of devils guarding the winding river of souls through the Astral Plane. Invade your enemy’s dream realm, study your own past, or negotiate with a cannibalistic sentient demiplane.

This 64-page book describes all of the major planes of the Inner and Outer Spheres, as well as numerous demiplanes and lesser-known dimensions. It also provides maps of the nine planes of the Outer Sphere, and unleashes five new monsters unique to Golarion’s cosmology—soul-eating astradaemons, law-forging axiomites, trickster-fey that lurk in light, quasi-noble keketar proteans, and fox-bard vulpinal agathions.

Looking for more planar adventure? Check out Pathfinder Module J5: Beyond the Vault of Souls, where the heroes must retrieve stolen soul-gems to prevent the sudden destruction of the multiverse!

d20 OGL, $19.99 MSRP
ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-167-1

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Chronicles subscription.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #22
"The End of Eternity"

Legacy of Fire 4 of 6
by Jason Nelson

Hidden amid the tattered parchment and mundane ink of a mysterious map hides the fabulous paradise of Kakishon. A realm of mystical wonders, mythical beasts, and legendary treasures, this long-lost creation of one of history’s greatest wizards once again inspires the bold to seek its wonders. Yet time, ancient magic, and bitter rivalries work to corrupt the incredible realm, turning it into both paradise and prison. Can they tame the powers of Kakishon’s magical islands and best the masters of the wondrous land? Or will they forever be prisoners of paradise?

This Pathfinder Adventure Path volume includes:

  • "The End of Eternity," an adventure for 9th-level characters, by Jason Nelson
  • A glimpse into the Maelstrom and the lives of its enigmatic natives, the proteans, lords of primeval chaos, by Todd Stewart
  • The magical rites of Sulesh the Great, master of seals and binder of genies, as transcribed by Wolfgang Baur and James Jacobs
  • Pathfinder Channa Ti faces danger on the River Asp in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by New York Times bestselling author Elaine Cunningham
  • Six new monsters by Adam Daigle, James Jacobs, Jason Nelson, F. Wesley Schneider, and Todd Stewart
  • For characters of 9th to 11th level
Pathfinder Adventure Path is Paizo Publishing's monthly 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover book printed on high-quality paper. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Because Pathfinder products use the Open Game License, they are 100% compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

d20 OGL, $19.99 MSRP
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-173-2

Pathfinder Companion
Taldor, Echoes of Glory

by Joshua J. Frost

Chivalry Tarnished

Knights, fair maidens, heroic adventures, and righteous quests—these are the legends of old Taldor. But the once powerful empire has fallen from its former glory. Now rival nobles battle each other with bitter knights and proxy armies for personal power rather than honor. A smoldering truce with Qadira again threatens to ignite into war, and Taldor’s daughter states look down upon her with contempt. Yet there is still greatness in Taldor, a stone foundation under the flaking gold adornments. Sons and daughters of forgotten royal bloodlines hear change on the wind—but is it the whisper of greatness to come, or the death rattle of an empire long past its prime?

This Pathfinder Companion describes the country of Taldor and its capital of Oppara. Become one of the Lion Blades, a secret agent prestige class for the empire! Learn the magic of the oppressed church of the Dawnflower! Rise to greatness from humble origins with new feats! Gain the ostentatious magic of Taldor’s wealthy elite! Taldor needs champions—are you ready for the challenge?

Pathfinder Companion is an invaluable resource for players and Game Masters. Each 32-page bimonthly installment explores a major theme in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, with expanded regional gazetteers, new player character options, and organizational overviews to help players flesh out their character backgrounds and to provide Game Masters with new sources for campaign intrigue that can be shared with players.

d20 OGL, $10.99 MSRP
ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-169-5

GameMastery Item Cards
Legacy of Fire Deck

The most fabulous treasures of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path come alive in this jewel-encrusted new assortment of 54 unique GameMastery Item Cards. From magical lamps to silver-tipped scimitars and genie rings, the exotic items in this set add a delightful dimension to any Item Card collection and bring a great sense of immersion to Legacy of Fire campaigns, or any fantasy campaign!

GameMastery Item Cards allow heroes to keep track of their equipment in style, and the set is completely compatible with all of Paizo's other GameMastery Item Card sets. Each of these full-color cards features a beautiful portrait of an item on one side with space on the back to keep notes. GameMastery Item Cards are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

Cards included in this set in order by card number: 1 Chainmail, 2 Padded Armor, 3 Heavy Shield, 4 Gem, 5 Palanquin, 6 Key, 7 Camel, 8 Cactus, 9 Hookah, 10 Waterskin, 11 Chariot, 12 Monkey, 13 Goggles, 14 Holy Symbol, 15 Holy Symbol, 16 Potion, 17 Potion, 18 Ring, 19 Ring , 20 Ring , 21 Ring, 22 Rod, 23 Scroll, 24 Scroll, 25 Staff, 26 Wand, 27 Wand, 28 Scimitar, 29 Falchion, 30 Khopesh, 31 Greataxe, 32 Punching Dagger, 33 Nunchaku, 34 Sling, 35 Goad, 36 Madu, 37 Longbow, 38 Drum, 39 Egg, 40 Sitar, 41 Kaffiyeh, 42 Lamp, 43 Carpet, 44 Map, 45 Turban, 46 Mirror, 47 Veil, 48 Bracers, 49 Earring, 50 Helm, 51 Vest, 52 Bottle City, 53 Slippers, 54 Hat

$10.99 MSRP
ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-176-3

[Product Release] Innsmouth Horror from FFG

From Fantasy Flight Games:

Arkham Horror
Innsmouth Horror Expansion

Dare You Look In The Mirror?
Of all the cities found in H.P. Lovecraft’s vision of Massachusetts, perhaps none is quite so deadly as the small fishing village of Innsmouth. Decrepit and dying, Innsmouth is being consumed from within by an ancient pact once made to save the town. The investigators will find every hand turned against them as they explore its rotting docks and fetid beaches. In the end, perhaps the only way to save Innsmouth is by destroying it along with the terrible creatures that haunt its waters near Devil Reef.

Innsmouth Horror introduces several new game concepts to the Arkham Horror board game, including Personal Stories unique to each investigator as well as the Innsmouth Look. The town of Innsmouth is hostile to the investigators, and they may well find themselves thrown in jail and fed to a Shoggoth while they search the town for evidence to call in the Feds. However, leaving Innsmouth to fester is a bad idea, since the Deep Ones will gather and rise, bringing with them the Ancient One. Innsmouth Horror also adds 16 new investigators, eight new Ancient Ones, two new Heralds, Epic Battle cards for the new Ancient Ones, over 30 new monster markers, plenty of new encounters, and an expansion board featuring the town of Innsmouth. Over all, this expansion adds over 300 new cards to the base game.

Innsmouth Horror requires a copy of Arkham Horror to play. Arkham Horror is a cooperative game for 1–8 players, ages 13 and up, that can be played in 2–4 hours.

1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
16 Investigator Sheets
16 Investigator Markers
16 Plastic Investigator Stands
96 Personal Story Cards
8 Ancient One Sheets
2 Herald Sheets
36 Arkham Location Cards
42 Innsmouth Location Cards
36 Mythos Cards
16 Gate Cards
24 Ancient One Plot Cards
10 Innsmouth Look Cards
12 Small Dust Cards
32 Monster Markers
6 Deep One Uprising Tokens
8 Ghatanothoa’s Visage Tokens
2 Aquatic Markers
1 Zhar Token

Fantasy Flight Games VA57, $49.95

[Upcoming Product] C&C Tainted Lands

From Troll Lord Games:

Siege Games: Tainted Lands
Product Type: Horror/Fantasy: Siege Engine Game
Format/Price: Box, three booklets, inserts; $29.99
Written By: James M. Ward
Ordering Info: TLG 7651, ISBN TBD
Release Date: TBA

But this madness is no longer contained in the Tainted Lands. It spreads, filling the empty places around it with the dread of horror, polluting the world one small step at a time.” Maegrin the Sage

Upon the far slopes of the Turmberg Mountains, where the northern shores of Lake Vanhir lap the Plains of Cos lie the fog-enshrouded Tainted Lands. In the Days before Days hosts of dark hearted Val-Ehrakun settled here even before the sun and moon rose in the heavens. They shaped the earth, molding it with hysterical delusions. In their delirium they befouling the land, polluted the waters and staining the very air with madness. The land itself, filled with this poison became twisted, a living embodiment of the horror of nightmare. But as with all things, this too passed and the Tainted Lands became a wasteland of forgotten dreams and misspent sorcery. For eons it lay dormant, suffering under the yoke of time.

But now, the shroud of its winter has given way and the Tainted Lands have come alive again. The earth groans and spits its necromantic horror in the air. Monsters, dread and foul rise from the muck of corruption and stalk the wastes. And the dreams of gods rise as nightmares from the blasted heath.

Nothing good is born in the mists of the Tainted Lands. Those who enter can survive there, some even thrive there, using the nightmare landscape to hide in. But as often as not the very magics that corrupt the lands consume them, they are twisted and driven mad, turning on all those and anything that stand before them. Still others fall into he oblivion and never rise again, their bones soaked into the earth and forgotten by history.

It’s not enough to leave such things alone and hope for the best. If the festering dread isn’t rooted out and destroyed, it will continue to grow and consume the world at large. Only true heroes, or perhaps fools, go through the growing Tainted Portals, knowing if they don’t act their people and lands are soon doomed by the corruption.

It isn’t enough to know that creatures, plants, the land itself is twisted and filled with dread, the wise must learn to control their panic, resisting the staining touch of evil as they explore to find the pools of horrific power. Those who survive their journey into the Tainted Lands come back a little twisted themselves, tainted with the evil of those blasted wastes. Their hair white, and for the observant the look to their eyes that wasn’t there before.

Come play in the tainted lands and survive the horrors that walk behind you, spring at you from the fogs all around, and grow from minor things into alarming corrupted creatures of awesome power; always hungry for those who accidentally become pulled into a nightmare of creatures and lands filled with horrific death.

A Siege Engine Box Set played with Castles & Crusades

Included within:
  • Castles & Crusades Rules of Play
  • Horror Rules for the Abomination Lord
  • Supernatural Rule Book for the PH
  • Introductory Adventure
  • Six Playing Dice
An introduction to Tainted Lands by author James M. Ward is included in the latest issue of The Crusader: The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer.

Click here to join in on discussion on Tainted Lands with James M. Ward and the Trolls on the Troll Lord Games Forum.

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[Upcoming Product] Goodman Games July

From Goodman Games:

Level Up #2

Level up your 4E game! Level Up is the official 4E RPG magazine from Goodman Games. Covering all things 4E, Level Up includes loads of content for only $1.99! Issue #2 includes:

  • The Stars Are Right: 4E stats for the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft
  • Shadows of the Deep: a level 12 “Cthulhu Crawl Classics” adventure for 4E
  • PC Pearls: Redeemed Races
  • GM Gems: Treasures of the Tyrant Queen’s Empire
  • Amethyst: Choices & Consequences
  • Regular features, including Azagar’s Advice for Adventurers, A Picture Tells 1,000 Words, Dear Archmage Abby, D20 Questions, and more!

Goodman Games is a strong supporter of retail game stores. We believe they are the best vehicle for spreading our love for this great hobby to new fans. Level Up will be available in bricks-and-mortar retail stores for the low, low price of only $1.99. It will also be available via subscription and PDF for the still-reasonable price of $4.00.

Rules Set: 4E.
Editor-in-Chief: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
GMG9102, 48 pages, $1.99 in stores, $4.00 via subscription/PDF.
Visit our online store to subscribe.

Age of Cthulhu 2: Madness in Londontown

3,000 years before the birth of Christ, fearful tribesmen raised bloody sacrifices on the Salisbury Plain in honor of a dread god. The skies coursed red with blood, consuming the weak, granting boons to the strong, and seeding ghastly young in the wooded glens about the Salisbury Plain.

50 years after the death of Christ, the Roman legion Legio IX Hispana, led by Gnaeus Hosidius Geta, swept through the region, slaughtering the indigenous Celtic tribesmen. Those that stole the religious artifacts soon succumbed to madness, and the legion vanished from the annals of time.

Present day, 1928: Misguided worshippers seeks to call forth the patron god of old. The dark god will stride across the Salisbury Plain once more, and madness is sure to follow.

Set throughout the globe and torn from the pages of the hidden history of the world, Age of Cthulhu adventures bring new secrets and mind-bending horrors to your 1920's Call of Cthulhu game. Each adventure comes with copious player handouts, detailed maps, and pre-generated investigators ready to risk their lives and their sanity to confront the horrors of an uncaring universe.

Rules Set: Chaosium Basic Role Playing
Writer: Rick Maffei
Cover Art: Eddie Sharam
Interior Art: Brad McDevitt
Graphic Design: Brad and Jess McDevitt
GMG7002, 48 pages, $12.99

Dungeon Crawl Classics #63:
The Warbringer’s Son

A Level 1 Adventure

For years, the Bandit Lord has ground the countryside under his heel, crippling your people with his cruel demands. The time has come to end his bitter reign. Armed with naught but your courage, you will put an end to his tyranny or die trying. But the Bandit King himself is only a pawn answering to Kainos, the Warbringer's Son, a half-god intent on setting the North aflame with conflict, and slaughtering all that stand in his way.

The Fifth Annual Gen Con Open Tournament, The Warbringer's Son was one of the bloodiest tournaments on record. Many have tested their might against the Warbringer, and many have fallen. How will you fare?

Rules Set: 4E
Tournament Results: Click here for a recap of the Gen Con Open Tournament
Writers: Chris Doyle, Mike Ferguson, Rick Maffei, Adrian Pommier
Development: Chris Doyle, Joseph Goodman, Adrian Pommier, Harley Stroh
Project Manager: Adrian Pommier
Gen Con Tournament Coordinator: Adrian Pommier
Gen Con Tournament Judges: Chris Anderson, Don Eccles, Stephen Glicker, Jason Goodwin, Erica King, Stephanie Huffaker, Seth Lipton, Gary McBride, Ken McCutchen, Jeff McSpadden, Greg Oppedisano, Justin Sipla, J. Case Tompkins
Editor: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Cover Art: Eric Lofgren
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs
Cartography: Ed Bourelle
Art Direction: Jim Pinto
Dungeon Crawl Classics Line Development: Harley Stroh
GMG5062, 112 pages, $21.99

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[Webcomics] RunnersUniverse Live!

From Sean Wang:

Webcomic Site RunnersUniverse Now Live!

It is now official... Runners will now be available to everyone for free as a daily webcomic! launches March 2, 2009, and new pages will post five days a week, Monday-Friday. The site will start with the first story arc, Runners: Bad Goods, in its entirety. Immediately following the conclusion of Bad Goods, the second story arc, Runners: The Big Snow Job, will begin posting.

Some of you may have been expecting the new series to come out through Archaia Studios Press, but when the company went through its restructuring in mid-to-late 2008, I re-evaluated what I wanted to do with the series and decided that in order to reach as wide an audience as possible, I would offer the entire series for free online.

The idea is that with purely digital distribution, the audience is not severely limited to just those few who can find the book on their store shelves or make it to a comic convention that I'm attending. It will be available to everyone, with no fee, no subscription costs, nothing. And in these tough economic times and rising comic prices, who couldn't use a little free entertainment??

You readers won't be paying anything, and I also won't be making anything. But that's okay. The idea is just to build the audience as big as possible and then go from there. My sincere belief is that many who read the series online at will still want to purchase the printed volumes. And hopefully, with a larger audience that is familiar with the series, comic stores can then order the books with a little more confidence that they aren't "taking a chance" on an unknown small press book. So everyone wins!

So if you've never read Runners before, now is your chance to read it completely for free online at And for those of you who have read it, and have been championing and supporting the series, please help me spread the word and get the big news (and the link) out there, so everyone else can discover what you've known about for years! Plus, I'll be adding notes, trivia, and behind-the-scenes info to most pages I post, so even long-time readers will get something new out of the webcomic. And there's also a shiny, new forum for all you Runners fans, both new and old, to get your geek on!

It's an exciting time for Runners and I hope you'll all join me over at in bringing the series to the digital age... and to the masses!

Click here to go to

Personal Note: Runners is one of the best damn science-fiction comic books out there, whether in print or on the Web. If you like science-fiction games, Runners is right up your alley... and now it is free! Here's an excerpt from my 2004 review of Runners: Bad Goods:

This is what Star Wars comics should be like: fresh stories, living characters, non-stop banter, action, and adventure. Sean Wang has hit the space opera-starship crew genre straight on with this series.
– James Mishler; Comics Buyer’s Guide (Nov 04)

Check it out! I guarantee you'll be looking forward to every new installment five days a week!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Blogosphere] Greenweek at Kobold Quarterly

From Kobold Quarterly:

It is Greenweek at Kobold Quarterly... Ed Greenwood Week, that is, complete with a four-part interview with the author and designer...

Early in Ed Greenwood’s novel Elminster: the Making of a Mage, the ragged knight Helm gives young Elminster a sword and encourages him on his journey. As the smiling boy heads off, the knight wrestles with his own ambivalence, thinking, “The first duty of a knight is to make the realm shine in the dreams of small boys—or where else will the knights of tomorrow arise, and what will become of the realm?”

As the creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and author of the Band of Four novels, the Falconfar Saga, the Niflheim series and the Knights of Myth Drannor novels, Greenwood makes realms shine—many realms. He’s sent countless readers off on grand and perilous journeys that change the way they see themselves and the world they live in.

Click here to go to part one of four in
Kobold Quarterly's interview with Greenwood

[PDF Release] Venture 4th: Pact of Ghosts

From Adamant Entertainment:

Pact of Ghosts is part of a series of new warlock pacts for 4E, from Adamant Entertainment.

When a creature dies, its soul passes beyond the realms of the living into unknown planes. However, whether from sheer tenacity, a misapprehension of their true state, or a need to finish some uncompleted business many spirits refuse to make this final journey. Mortals know these itinerant souls as ghosts — existing in a half-world between corporeal reality and the cold, invisible realm of the dead.

Warlocks forge pacts with these spirits, and can call upon their special nature to phase through solid objects, drain foes of life energy, and torment the living with mind-blasting sounds and images.

This pact features a full listing of powers from Levels 1 through 30, four new Feats exclusive to the pact, a paragon path, and three new magic items.

Click here to buy Pact of Ghosts on DriveThruRPG

[Product Release] Fight On! #5 Now Available

From Fight On! Magazine:

The premiere fanzine of the old-school renaissance rolls into its second year of publication, battling harder than ever! Joining original Dragon Magazine editor Tim Kask in this issue are Jeff Rients, Lee Barber, Judd Karlman, Gabor Lux, Kelvin Green, Vincent Baker, David Bowman, Michael Curtis, Frank Farris, Baz Blatt, Kevin Mayle, Del Beaudry, Steve Zieser, Alex Schroeder, Akrasia, Settembrini, Chgowiz, Calithena, and dozens of others ready to give your game the potion of super-heroism it needs to take it to the next level! With adventures, maps, rules options, campaign settings, fiction, magic, monsters, and treasure, this issue has everything you need to unlock your imagination and keep fighting on!

Until the end of May only you can get 10% off Fight On! #5 and all your purchases by entering MAYCONTEST10 in the code line at checkout. Stock up on back issues of Fight On! or pick up whatever other lulu products appeal to you!

Click here to buy Fight On! #5 at

Table of Contents for Issue #5
Background Professions (Akrasia)………………………3
The Scholar (Zachary Houghton)……………………….4
The Wuuky! (Moritz Mehlem and Frank Ditsche)………5
Distinctive Magic (Houghton, Dörfliger, & Calithena)…..7
The Deck O' Stuff (Jeff Rients)…………………………9
The Tomb of Ixtandraz (Lee Barber)…………………..11
Delvers Delve: Extended Crawling (David Bowman)…..17
Tables for Fables (Age of Fable)………………………..20
Dungeon Motivations (Paul Vermeren)………………...21
Knights & Knaves (Del L. Beaudry)……………………23
Black Blood (Gabor Lux)………………………………25
Pentastadion (Gabor Lux)…………………………...…36
Creepies & Crawlies (Alex Schröder, Wayne Rossi, Jeff
Rients, Terje Nordin, and Geoffrey McKinney)………39
Tucker & Co. (M. "Chgowiz" Shorten)..………………44
Bad Hair Day (Peter Schmidt Jensen)……...…………...44
Fight On! (Jason Vasché)…...…………………………..45
Education of a Magic User (Douglas Cox)…………….45
A Few for the Road (Michael Curtis)…………………..47
A Giant Dilemma (Frank Farris)………………………50
Clarisseth (Tony Dowler)………………………………53
It Used to be a Hobbit Hole (Baz Blatt)…………….…54
The Barrow of Therex (Erin "Taichara" Bisson)………55
The Devil's in the Details: Pygmy Folk (Baz Blatt)……..56
Seven Kings Mountains (Judd Karlman)……………….62
The Darkness Beneath, Level 2 (Calithena)…………….67
The Tower of Thalen Garh (John Hitchens)………...…78
Oceanian Legends (Del L. Beaudry)…………………....79
Guest Editorial (Timothy J. Kask)……………………..81
Merlin's Mystical Mirror (Jeff Rients)………………….83
Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments (Greg Backus,
Terje Nordin, Jeff Rients, and Calithena)……………87

Front Cover by Kevin Mayle ( Back Cover by Settembrini. Fight On! and Erol Otus logos by Jeff Rients. Tim Kask photo by Rich Franks. Knights & Knaves and Creepies & Crawlies logos by Lee Barber. Interior artwork and cartography by Andrew Reyes (4,19), Richard Scott/Otherworld Miniatures (5), Andy "Atom" Taylor (7), Jeff Rients (9), Lee Barber (, 11,13,14,15,16,17,23,73), Age of Fable (20), Gabor Lux (25,27,30,32,33,36,37), Kelvin Green (26,43,45,52,87), Georges Roux (34), Alex Schröder (39,40,62), Peter Seckler (40), Jason Pierce (, 42), M. "Chgowiz" Shorten (44), Peter Schmidt Jensen (44,50), Douglas Cox (45), Frank Farris (51), Tony Dowler (53), Baz Blatt (54), Erin "Taichara" Bisson (55), Kesher (59,61), Carl Brodt/Tita's House of Games (60), Vincent Baker (63,64,65,66), Robert S. Conley (67), Paul "Bliss Infinite" Fini (, 68 ), David Bowman (70), Anthony Stiller (72), Steve Zieser (74,81), Calithena (75,77), Patrick Farley (76), Kevin Vito (77), Pete Mullen (83), James G. Browning (84), and Dan Proctor (85).

[Upcoming Product] More on Dragon Age RPG

From Green Ronin:

Recently Green Ronin announced a new roleplaying game license — Dragon Age: Origins. There's been a great deal of buzz on the subject since then, so here are the specifics of the game's first release:

Dragon Age RPG
Dark Fantasy Roleplaying
Author: Chris Pramas
Format: Boxed Set
Release Date: September, 2009
MSRP: $29.95
Product Code: GRR2801
ISBN-10: 1-934547-30-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-934547-30-4

Fantasy roleplaying goes back to its dark and gritty roots with the Dragon Age RPG, the latest game from the company that brought you A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying and Mutants & Masterminds. Based on the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Origins computer game, the Dragon Age RPG brings the excitement of BioWare’s rich fantasy world to the tabletop. Make your own heroes and control your own destiny in the lands of Ferelden and beyond.

Designed by award-winning author Chris Pramas (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Freeport), Dragon Age features an all-new game system that's both easy to learn and exciting to play, the perfect portal to tabletop roleplaying. This boxed set includes everything you need to get started, from character creation and rules of play to Game Master advice and an introductory adventure. So gather your friends, grab some dice, and get ready to enter a world of heroes and villains, of knights and darkspawn, of gods and demons…the world of Dragon Age!

Click here to go to an interview at GameBanshee with
Green Ronin President Chris Pramas about Dragon Age

Click here to go to the Green Ronin store
at DriveThruRPG

[Product Release] New Reaper Minis

From Reaper Minis:

New Legendary Encounters for August
I have four new plastic pre-paints slated for an August Release, and I wanted to share them with all of you. Keep in mind these are the prototype paint jobs, not the final production examples.

20024: Goblins (3) ($5.79)
20025: Werewolf ($3.99)

20026: Bugbear ($4.99)
20027: Giant Spider ($3.99)

You can see all of these as well as many other upcoming figures over in our Preview Gallery.


New Miniatures May 25, 2009
This release sees several favorites both new and old take center stage again, including Ape-X making his triumphant debut in P-65.

Dark Heaven Legends
03401: Aeris, Female Elf Ranger and Panther by Julie Guthrie ($5.99)
03408: Victim on Spit by Bobby Jackson ($6.99)
03409: Nadia of the Blade by James Van Schaik ($3.99)
03410: Dragon Familiar by Jason Wiebe ($4.49)
03411: Grave Servant by Chaz Elliott ($3.99)

07120: Crusader ($24.99)
07121: Kraken ($24.99)

50074: Roller Girl by Sandra Garrity ($2.99)
50075: WWII American Infantry (3) by Gene Van Horne ($9.99)
50076: Jeb Lawson, Western Outlaw by James Van Schaik ($3.99)
50077: Blackstar Privateer w/Chain gun by Todd Harris ($9.99)
50078: Blackstar Privateer w/Flamethrower by Todd Harris ($9.99)

P-65 Heavy Metal
65069: Ape-X, Super Villain by Jason Wiebe ($12.99)
65073: Night Spectre by Bob Ridolfi ($9.49)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[PR Repost] Dragon Age RPG from Green Ronin

From Green Ronin:

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (May 5, 2009) Leading video game developer BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced that Green Ronin Publishing will launch a pen and paper role-playing game (RPG) based on the highly anticipated video game, Dragon Age: Origins. The pen and paper game extends the Dragon Age universe, making it more accessible to passionate RPG fans looking for another way to experience the epic fantasy world of Thedas.

"We’re delighted to be working with Green Ronin to explore more of the Dragon Age universe through a pen and paper role-playing game. We’re excited to deliver Dragon Age’s unique dark, heroic fantasy to our audience in a brand new way — a perfect complement to the landmark game we’re launching on PC, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 this fall," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, General Manager and CEO, BioWare and General Manager and Vice President, EA. "Our development teams craft rich, deep worlds, and this is an excellent way to expand the franchise."

"Dragon Age: Origins has been described as the spiritual successor to BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate, one of the most highly-acclaimed fantasy computer RPGs in the world, so when BioWare approached us to do a pen and paper version, we had to say ‘yes!’," said Green Ronin President Chris Pramas. "With our work on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Black Company, and Thieves’ World, dark fantasy is in our blood and Dragon Age: Origins is the best in its class. An opportunity to collaborate with BioWare on Dragon Age: Origins was not to be missed."

The Dragon Age pen and paper RPG will be available at card shops, book and comic retailers in summer 2009. The first release will be a boxed set — perfect for new and experienced role-players alike. Green Ronin plans to release additional boxed sets and supplemental books, expanding the Dragon Age world even further.

Dragon Age: Origins from BioWare invites players to create their own heroes and join the fight against the darkspawn in a world of violence, lust and betrayal. The game will feature deep character customization, challenging decisions, and a wealth of gritty, mature plots that, combined with the BioWare heritage, make it one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2009. Dragon Age: Origins is scheduled to release this fall on the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, Playstation 3 computer entertainment system and PC.

Dragon Age: Origins is rated RP by the ESRB. No PEGI rating is available at this time. For more information about Dragon Age: Origins, visit Pre-order the game now at

Click here to go to the Green Ronin store
on DriveThruRPG

[Origins 2009] Origins Guests of Honor

From Origins Game Fair:

Origins Game Fair 2009 is June 24-28, in Columbus, Ohio.

While our Guest of Honor roster isn't yet complete, here's a taste of the guests that we'll have in store for you in 2009. Check back for updates to this page as we have more information to share!

Monte Cook

Monte's been working on games for 20 years. His professional career began with ICE working on Rolemaster and Champions. He later moved to TSR and worked on Dungeons & Dragons, particularly on the Planescape line. After TSR was bought by Wizards of the Coast, he helped create 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons and many of its most memorable supplements.

In 2001, he left Wizards to create his own game publishing company called Malhavoc Press with his wife Sue. Through Malhavoc he created many award-winning and best-selling d20 and OGL titles such as the Books of Eldritch Might, Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved, and Ptolus, Monte Cook's City by the Spire.

He's also busy right now with his new subscription-based project,

Click here to go to Monte Cook's Website
Click here to go to Malhavoc Press on DriveThruRPG
Click here for more information on

James Ernest
James is an intellectual juggernaut, crushing normal humans with the power of his mind. He roams the Earth doing great works for the glory and betterment of Mankind, while destroying those who oppose or offend him. In physical form, James Ernest works as a Game Design Manager for The Amazing Society, a game development studio in Seattle. He spends his weekends playing board games with his wife and daughter, of 19 and 7 years respectively.

As a younger man, James Ernest sharpened his talents as a writer for Wizards of the Coast. In 1996 he formed an entire game company from nothing, calling it Cheapass Games. This company has released several Origins Award-winning games including Kill Doctor Lucky, Button Men, and BRAWL.

Click here for more information on James Ernest's recent games
Click here for more information on

Robin D. Laws
Robin D. Laws is a writer and game designer. His roleplaying game designs include Feng Shui, The Dying Earth, Rune, HeroQuest and The Esoterrorists. Among Robin’s six novels are Pierced Heart, The Rough and the Smooth, and Freedom Phalanx. His non-fiction work includes 40 Years Of Gen Con, an oral history of the hobby games industry’s biggest convention. Pelgrane Press recently published an anthology of his appalling funny comic strip, The Birds. Robin’s most recent roleplaying design is Mutant City Blues, a game of procedural investigation in a world where 1% of the population have acquired super powers. Robin hails from Toronto and is a fixture of the game convention guest circuit.

Click here to go to Robin Law's LiveJournal
Click here to go to Pelgrane Press
Click here to go to Pelgrane Press on DriveThruRPG

Joseph Miranda
Joseph Miranda is currently editor in chief of Strategy & Tactics, the leading military history wargame magazine. Mr. Miranda is the designer of over 100 published wargames and simulations for both the commercial and Defense sectors. His game systems integrate political, psychological and other non-material factors of war with conventional combat. He is currently working on Millennium Wars Advanced and Battle for Baghdad for MCS Group, wargames which utilize innovative systems to asymmetrical operations. He has also designed many simulations on more conventional topics, from Custer’s Last Stand to World War II’s CBI theater of operations.

Mr. Miranda has worked for various computer game design firms including HPS Simulations, Hexagon Interactive, and Red Storm. He designed Cyberwar XXI Joint Warfare for the US Air Force, and Crisis XXI Terrorism Counteraction for DARPA. A book he wrote on World War II grand strategy, The Devil’s Due, is scheduled for publication by Decision Games.

Click here to go to Strategy & Tactics
Click here to go to Decision Games
Click here for more information on

Chris O'Neill
Chris and his partner Dan Landis are best known for their infamous cult-favorites KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!, Ninja Burger the RPG, and Cthulhu for President! The duo takes full responsibility for all of the people that have been screaming ALL HAIL KING TORG! at Origins since 1999.

After forming 9th Level Games while in high-school together, Chris and Dan epic failed to become famous "serious" game designers. As an indie-press pioneer, 9th Level Games found their niche making cheap, barely literate "beer and pretzels" role-playing games - and are fondly remembered for making it cool again to staple brightly colored construction paper together and call that publishing. Over the last decade, 9th Level has become a fan favorite at conventions, invented the bar game "SATAN!", totally overused the exclamation point, and made it their mission to bring fun and humor back to the hobby.

Click here to go to 9th Level Games
Click here for more information on

Wayne Reynolds
Wayne arrived on this planet in 1968, in Leeds, UK. He’s always been interested in mythology, legends and fantastic creatures, and equally fascinated by ancient history and science fiction. Perhaps he finds other worlds more interesting than this one.

Throughout his 15-year freelance career, Wayne has been fortunate enough to inflict his artwork on the public through a number of fine publications. These include 2000AD (Slaine, Judge Dredd) and Warhammer Monthly comic magazines (Redeemer, Kal Jerico); and Osprey Publishing’s Warrior and Men-at-Arms series. He has also contributed to roleplaying games from Chaosium (Pendragon), I.C.E. (Rolemaster, MERP), Green Ronin (Freeport), Reaper Miniatures, Sinister Adventures LLC (Tales of the Razor Coast), and Paizo Publishing (Pathfinder).

He is probably most notorious for his work on Dungeons and Dragons (WotC) having contributed artwork for both 3rd and 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons; for Eberron, Forgotten Realms, D&D Miniatures, and Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Having played D&D many years before, it was a real honour to create artwork depicting a world of fantastic creatures and legends that so inspires my imagination.

All of Wayne’s artwork is created with traditional means, using acrylics and brushes on board. His studio is at his home in Leeds, UK.

Click here to go to
Click here for more information on

Andrea Sfiligoi
Andrea was born in Terni, Italy, in 1968. He's been into RPG and tabletop wargaming since age 13. He has written articles for both amateur and professional magazines including SuperheroUK, Fantazia, Kaos, AotA, Roleplayer, and Pyramid Magazine and has worked as an illustrator for many gaming publishers. He founded Ganesha Games in 2007. His first product, the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy miniature rules, received a nomination at Origins 2008 and spawned a host of supplements and other games based on the same mechanics.

Click here to go to Ganesha Games
Click here to go to the Ganesha Games store on WargameVault

Monday, May 25, 2009

[Product Release] Big Iron Vault #1

From Big Iron Vault:

We have just been informed from the printers that Big Iron Vault #1 has been shipped to us. Once the issues have arrived, we will be shipping them directly to the customers that have purchased the print copy of the magazine along with the custom Monster Die.

Big Iron Vault #1

In this issue...

Our first issue's cover is a wonderful watercolour painting by Rising Stars of Manga award winning artist Lanny Liu. It is called the Dragon and the Knight, both are taking a break from fighting to read BIV #1.

A complete new game by Keith Foo entitled Mysterious Circumstances. It is a new style of "Beer and Pretzels" RPG that is meant to take only three hours to complete. Simple, yet entertaining it will no doubt provide hours of "down time" fun while taking a break from your usual campaign.

We were blessed to have Shelly Mazzanoble be part of our first issue. Renowned as the author of Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress she has been instrumental in encouraging the explosion of women gamers we see today.

In addition, we have ongoing columnists working on such topics as Living with a Gamer, Coming Out of the Gaming Closet, The Best Store in the GTA, and Keith Hackwood's deep dive into the gamer's psyche with Through the Mountains of Qaf, plus plenty more campaign material that can help you flush out your world. Our tough but fair reviewer of Old School games checks out Castles & Crusades in the column Kickin' It Old School.

To add even more value, has generously provided a $10 CDN gift card in the magazine as part of their ad. Bring a copy of Big Iron Vault #1 to their retail store, show them that you support independant publishers to receive your bonus. (Due to logistics you need to be there in person, printing of the advertisement is allowed and one card per family while the offer lasts.)

Big Iron Vault #1 is also available
on DriveThruRPG

[Free RPG Day] Goodman Games FRPGD

From Goodman Games:

Mark your calendar! June 20 is Free RPG Day, your chance to get lots of great free products from your favorite game store! Goodman Games is giving away two free RPG sourcebooks in a flip book format — Amethyst: Hearts of Chaos and Hero's Handbook: Immortal Heroes!

Amethyst: Hearts of Chaos
Coming to stores in September from Goodman Games, Amethyst is an RPG that postulates what would occur if a true-to-book fantasy setting was forced upon our real world. How would humanity truly respond? This is not some stylized, fanciful view of Earth seen in books and on TV. It is a world with all the problems, both social and political, intact. Would we welcome the world of fantasy into our lives or would we fear its very presence?

Hearts of Chaos is a special introductory adventure for Amethyst, available only on Free RPG Day! In this adventure, the characters are a small cell of a large international mercenary company, the Iron Sons. They have been handed a critical mission: a former Iron Sons colonel, Montgomery Cross, has gone rogue and vanished in the deep wilderness. He has information on cell locations and strengths, but—more importantly—the face of the Iron Sons highest ranking officer, General Chauk—a man with bounties for his arrest. Chauk believes this colonel to be a severe security risk, regardless of the state of his sanity. The characters are tasked with venturing into a no-man’s land where few humans have been, finding this colonel, and killing him.

This journey takes the group deep into fantasy, where they encounter various fae monsters, suffer a vehicle breakdown, and fall under a pagus attack (a corrupted race of fae and loyal soldiers of darkness).

Journey into Amethyst on Free RPG Day!

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Hero's Handbook: Immortal Heroes
Epic heroes travel roads that spiral through the cosmos like the spokes of a wheel; where the journey begins is often unique and far-flung, but the destiny of great heroes has but one unavoidable conclusion — immortality. Some reach the journey's end by slaying mighty enemies, others by fulfilling epic quests or discovering long lost secrets and ancient treasures. Still others turn the tide of history by leading great armies or nations, and some even walk a darker path, reveling in infamy rather than heroic fame.

This book details nine epic destinies that lead down nine paths to immortality; they are individually as unique as snowflakes, yet identical in their ultimate conclusions. These paths may lead a hero to the radiant glory of the celestial realms or to the very depths of Hell itself. Some unlock the lost or hidden potential of a hero's race, while others reveal the brutal and everlasting truths of martial superiority.

Hero’s Handbook: Immortal Heroes is an example of the many outstanding Hero’s Handbook titles scheduled for future release from Goodman Games! Learn more about Hero’s Handbook on Free RPG Day!

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Related Products
Hero’s Handbook: Dragonborn
Hero’s Handbook: Eladrin
Hero’s Handbook: Tiefling

Click here to go to the Goodman Games store
on DriveThruRPG

[Upcoming Product] PvP Awesomology

From PvPOnline:

I have never been more proud to announce a new product in our PvP store as I am today.

Finally, after almost a year in the works, and after several unfortunate delays, the first PvP hardcover collection will be shipping July 15th. Behold the PvP Awesomology:
The Awesomology is 600 pages and comes with a beautiful cover and slipcase featuring incredible art by Kristian Donaldson. The contents of the book is every PvP strip as it appeared online from 1998-2005. We also have a pre-history of PvP that shows what I was working on from 1996-1998 before my career as a Webcartoonist started.

The Awesomology is being printed now, should be in the Diamond Memphis warehouse by early July, so I feel safe saying that they should be ready to ship from Amplifier to your door on July 15th. There are two versions of the Awesomology: a regular edition and a signed and numbered edition. The signed edition contains a full color tip-in sheet that’s hand signed and numbered by myself and is limited to 250 copies.

If you buy the Awesomology in stores, it’ll run you $100 ($125 for the signed and numbered edition). But I’m offering a discount to my online customers who pre-order the book. $85 for the regular edition and $95 for the signed and numbered edition.

You can order it now at

UPDATE:I would be remiss to not mention my brother in this post. When you get your hands on this Awesomology and you feel the weight of five years worth of PvP strips, I hope you’re as overwhelmed as I am at the amount of work that went into making sure this thing got done right. And that credit should go to my brother Brian.

While it’s true that I’m responsible for the work itself, Brian painstakingly took five years of mismatched sized comic strips and arranged them page by page until the work was done. It was a month worth of his weekends and he did it all just to help out his brother.

That’s love, my friends.